Thursday, July 12, 2007

It was only a matter of time

Fuck dudes... I love animated gifs if you didnt already know.. So I am going to post lots of amazing ones I come across.

Theres this guy Seizure Lion. He does some pretty neat stuff.

I have been scanning a lot of my drawings and animating them lately. I am putting together a music video with my good friend and roomate Prettydamnnotbad. I am creating the animations, he is editting it all together. Check out his videos. Here are some basic renderings to give you a general idea of what we have to work with.

- Ghosties
- Heartzkulls


jen said...

This is fun! Keep writing!

Praveen Sharma said...

I think I just puked...

ironing said...

Holy crap yes! I love Seizure Lion!